Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Time of Separation!

After I was able to get the bus together and out of the garage I was able to bring the '58 out of storage and into the garage. A few days later I got it up on stands to get the wheels of and really see what I was up against. I have never actually be underneath it to get a good look. It was always peering under her from my knees.

I have always known the driver's side rear quarter was going to have to be swapped out. The metal is too thin and stretched. From this damage there has been a fair amount of rust allowed to develope in the lower section of the panel at the runningboard mounting surface. But to my surprise the heater channels are not that bad. I think it will just need the under side towards the rear replaced. The botom picture you can see the damage from the inside. Also you can spot the rust that has made it's way through for behind the body mount plate in the wheelwell.

 The other major are of concern is the passenger's side front quarter panel. It to was hit some time in it's history. I am either going to have it cut out and completely replaced or have a skilled body guy see if he can work it back into it's correct shape. The outside doesn't look to bad because of the previous bondo job. Once I remove all the filler I can see how bad it really is.


Next I was finally able to lift the body off the pan with breaking only two bolts. Doing this job solo I and to call on the rafters and garage door to give me a hand.


Now the pan awaits being stripped, pan halves replaced, shaved of all unwanted items, fitted with a new fuel line, a few need bracket and tabs welded on and finally