Monday, August 17, 2009

Destiny of the '58

Since the day I bought the car I have changed my mind numerous times on what it's outcome would be. The first plan was to turn this thought to be rough car into a period correct Gasser style drag bug.

So all the exterior body pieces were located to convert the car. Front hood, flared front and rear fenders, empi style scooped decklid, and c-pillar scoops.

Then even 13" Center Lines were located.

Here are a few pictures of test fitting of the Cal-Parts wheels and steel German fenders.

Next plan would see it be a hot looking street car with a well under powered engine(1641), with intentions to see it through to be a the fully restored over powered car it should be.

Then lastly it was set out to be a sort of hot motor'd, tall tranny freeway burner layed on the ground, tuck those 'oh so hard to fit' Cal-Part wheels. Which meant an 8.5" narrowed beam and the rearend being narrowed 3" each side just to tuck the under stock steel fenders. Well I got as far as the beam, but just couldn't make the jump into cutting up the rear of the car.

Now the picture above is tucking a 6" Cal-Part with about 2.5" back spacing on a 175/55 tire.

So now after all these steps and phases it will be returning to a over powered street car that will be right at home on the strip. I am in hopes of sub 12 sec. times. We'll see though. As for now the restoration has begun!